Traumatic Experience on a Mall

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Traumatic Experience on a Mall

Post by Admin on Mon Mar 23, 2009 3:38 pm

Medyo ramdam ko pa rin ang nerbyos at panlalambot ng mga tuhod ko sa naranasan naming mag-anak while malling at SM City Fairview. I was at the Let's Paint Stall while my wife and my son were at a nearby children's bookstore checking out soem books. I was not with them because I was finishing our figurines (A Spongebob and Patrick). I was about to put the finishing touches before bringing them to the front desk for the finishing gloss when it all happened.

While I was peacefully sitting on my designated place, I started to hear a build up of people's voices like a wave creeping slowly as it approached my area. It was the that I started seeing people running towards my direction. Different kinds of people. Children with their parents, old people, security guards as well as mall personnels. I did not move even an inch because I want to check the exact situation before doing any action. The first thing that came to my mind was an earthquake so I tried observing for a movement - a shake or some falling objects but I did not see even one of these. So I thought maybe a robbery is happening somewhere in the mall. Then the aluminum roll-up doors started dropping down in just a snap one by one in exact amounts of time. Just then I made my move and looked for the nearest store to find some cover.

I entered Sports Central's Store since they have mechanized roll-up doors it will take time for them to close the door and buy me some time to go through. As I have successfully found my cover, I started thinking where my wife and son had gone and hoped that they were okay.

As I was looking for some signs of activity behind the store front window, I saw my wife and son on the other stall (still on the Children's Books Store) and gave me a sigh of relief. But still we are inside the mall and whatever is happening outside is a sign of danger for us.

We waited for a few more minutes until the mall personnel and security guards finally confirm that it is already safe to leave the place. When the mall's PA system started announcing the safety of their customers, people started moving and go about their activities. Me and my family also made our way out from the stores and waited for confirmation on the true event that caused that traumatic incident.

It is then we found out with the staff of some stalls that a fire broke out at the Food Court Area and the people panicked and in turn affected other people including us. No further details were released all we know is that the fire was immediately put out.

It is our nature to run away from danger when things happen but we still have to assess the situation before making any move. It will give us a better and a clear picture for us to make the right decision on dangerous situations. I am glad that no one was hurt on the incident. Until now my son still remembers everything that happened. I believe he is as scared as I am.

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Re: Traumatic Experience on a Mall

Post by kmanangan on Wed Apr 01, 2009 7:10 pm

It is a good thing that you were able to share this experience, especially if it is traumatic.

Also it is a good thing that SM was able to calm down the customers fast enough so as not to cause a large stampede since other areas at the mall did not even know that this happened.

So readers out there, make sure that if there is a stampede, it is much better to stay where you will not be trampled upon and to know what is happening first since usually you will only get harmed if you easily panicked. And for parents who have kids with them make sure to keep the children safe first instead of dragging them and running so fast that your kids might trip and be trampled upon.


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