Membership Transition to E-CARD

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Membership Transition to E-CARD

Post by Admin on Thu Mar 12, 2009 10:08 am

Sa lahat ng present members:Exclamation

We will continue with the transfer of your accounts to the new E-CARD Promo on March 17, 2009 (Tuesday).

We will doing the following procedure as we transfer your accounts:

  1. Check your remaining time, points and BONUS TIME on your membership account.
  2. Compute for the FREE HOUR as bonus for joining our membership program.
    The formula for the FREE HOUR transition bonus will be as follows:
    12.50 x No. of Remaining Months in your account = Total Remaining Amount


    Total Remaining Amount / 2 = Available Amount for Time Conversion


    Amount for Time Conversion / P18.00 (Standard rental Rate) = FREE HOURS.

  3. Accounts with shared users will be issued two (2) E-CARDS but only one will receive the remaining time, points and BONUS TIME. The shared account however, will receive half of the TRANSITION BONUS TIME as computed above.
  4. All accounts transferred to their E-CARDS will no longer be usable. All membership accounts will be DELETED PERMANENTLY.
  5. We will however wait for you before we transfer your membership accounts to an E-CARD account.

For reference regarding POINTS, DISCOUNTS, RATES on E-CARD Holders, please check the other topics under this forum category.

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