Wired vs. Wireless DSL

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Wired vs. Wireless DSL

Post by Admin on Thu Mar 12, 2009 1:51 pm

As I have said on one of my forum topics, DSL connection is much cheaper now due to the increase of available providers in the market. Each providers promote their service in a different but somewhat similar ways - it is just the names that makes them different from each other.

Since DSL is now available, everyone has the freedom to choose which of them suites our needs when it comes to internet connectivity, speed and stability. Do you need a wired one or wireless type? A postpaid account or a prepaid (yes there is a prepaid DSL!)

Each of these connection types answers to different online needs of their customers that is why these internet service providers made them available in the market.

Wired DSL is the first one to arrive at our country. It is usually readily available when you applied for a phone line. Though it is an optional add on during your phone application, wired DSL can be installed within 3 - 7 days depending on the service provider. You just have to visit their offices, fill up a form and pay for the initial installation. And within a few days installers will visit your house or office for the installation.

We can say that wired DSL is still the best option for most of us today. It is indeed much stable than the wireless type since it runs in a physical wire (phone line). Data transfer is stable and faster. Data connection speeds can start from 512kbps to 3Mbps depending on the available and subscribed rate.

The only requirement for this type is an existing phone line connection and the availability of service in your area. There are still some areas that were not yet covered by the service yet some of the companies are making their steps in providing one in an area (to get more customers). You may need to ask them if the service is availble in your area before applying for one.

Wired DSL is a better choice for Online Gamers, Video and Music streamers and to those who require high speed connections 24/7 like internet cafes and some small offices and businesses.

Wired DSL is provided by Globelines, Digitel, PLDT MyDSL and Greendot. So far these were the better choice but you can find other service providers nearest to your area.

A few years after the arrival of WIRED DSL, the wireless was introduced in the market and I am one of those who opted to get one due of course to the problems I have experienced before with wired DSL (DSL was still too young that time...).

This was an answer to those who cannot afford to pay for the wired type. It also became the most fastest and easiest way to have an internet connection especially for home users and those who does not have phone lines installed in their area.

It is far more cheaper that the wired type since it does not have the speed that the wired connection has as well as the stability that wired connections present to its users. But compared to the dial-up modem connections, it is far much better and cheaper. Quality and economy put together for the average home user.

Wireless DSL is for the average home users, internet browsers and surfers with less multimedia streaming, chatters and for thos who want to find a better resource for their school work.

Wireless connection is presently provided by SMARTBro, Globelines, PLDT MyDSL to name a few.

Wireless speed ranges from 512Kbps to 1MBps (I believe there is a 1MBps connection now). This speed is enough to connect one to three computers simultaneously but for optimal performance I suggest you limit it to two (2).

To be continued....

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