Getting Local Radio Stations to play on Rhythm Box

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Getting Local Radio Stations to play on Rhythm Box

Post by ryudo05 on Thu Mar 19, 2009 10:54 am

Avid fan ako ng mga fm radio stations dito sa Pinas. While I am logged on my computer or laptop, I always find some ways getting a live stream from these local fm radio stations. I either use winamp or visit the e-radio portal site.

Since I am currently using Linux right now, I cannot get a live stream using winamp. Pero pwede ko naman gawin ito by again visiting the e-radio portal website. The only problem is when I log on to this website, there are times na tumitigil yung stream for some unknown reason. So I searched for a way to solve this and Rhythm Box gave me an answer.

Here are the steps that I made to setup Rhythm box:

  1. Go to the e-radio portal website and click the desired radio station. For example 103.5 is in "Luzon", under FM Radio Station select "103.5 Max FM". Wait for the stream to load.
  2. When the stream has successfully loaded, you will see a url for the stream. So for 103.5 you will get this url - "". Copy this url.
  3. Open your Rhythm Box program and under the LIBRARY select "radio". Then click the NEW button on the upper right menu.
  4. A pop up dialog box will run and will ask for the url of the radio station. Enter the url that we have copied above.
  5. Edit the remaining properties of the New Radio Station by right clicking on it and selecting PROPERTIES. You can set the genre and the label you want to give to this new station.
enjoy cheers

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